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Our Story

Thank you so much for checking out our page, we're very glad you're here! My name is Jon and along with my wife Becky, and daughter Amelia we make up Willow Tree Farm.

Our journey into living a more sustainable lifestyle started several years ago when we bought our first batch of laying hens. They say that chickens are a gateway animal into homesteading and after more than 5 years of raising them I'm a believer in that statement! Our goal has always been to make high quality products for our family as well as our customers. We work hard every day to make sure our animals are living their best life possible, managing the land they graze on to leave it in better condition year after year. There's something to be said about the extreme sense of pride we get seeing our farm transform each and every year into something better for future generations. But don't take my word for it, stop on out and visit us! We'd love to show you our passion project first hand.

About Us: Our Farm
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